12th International Conference on Advanced Systems for Public Transport

07 / 23 / 2012

This conference is the 12th in the series that serves as a forum for the international community of researchers, practitioners and vendors on all aspects of public transport planning and operations.

CASPT covers significant contributions to the theory and application of systems and methodologies for advancing public transport planning and operations. CASPT encourages not only the generation and presentation of new ideas, but also hopes to instigate productive collaborations between participants from academia, industry, and government.

To reflect the expanded scope of this conference series, in 2009 took its new title “Conference on Advanced Systems for Public Transport” from its previous title of “Computer-Aided Scheduling of Public Transport”.

The themes of the conference include, but are not limited to:

  • Public transport network and route planning
  • Timetables planning and generation
  • Vehicle (bus, train, tram, ferry, …) scheduling
  • Driver and crew scheduling
  • Operations monitoring, control and management
  • Information management
  • Passenger information, trip planning, route guidance
  • Public transport regulations and competition
  • Financial sustainability
  • Public private partnership
  • Practical experience with scheduling and planning methods
  • Other areas related to passenger transport (large-scale optimization, etc)

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Photo: rutaschile.com

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