9th International Conference on Transport Survey Methods

11 / 14 / 2011

The overarching goal of the ISCTSC Transport Survey Methods conference is to review, critique, and add to our body of knowledge about survey methodologies, in order to enhance the quality, value and utility of the data that surveys provide for shaping transport practice, policy, and programs.

The choice of workshop themes for this conference will reflect a strategic balance between:

1) Reflecting important shifts in the focus of major transport policy issues in the years immediately prior to the conference

2) Anticipating resulting changes in the transport research agenda in the near and longer terms

3) Identifying developments in survey research methods that are up to addressing the issues

4) Learning from recent successes and disappointments in the application and use of transport surveys.

A number of emerging areas that had been featured only briefly at previous conferences will be addressed in some depth in Chile.

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