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New Publication: Do attitudes and perceptions help to explain cycling infrastructure quality of service?

lJose AgustinVallejo-Borda, Daniel Rosas-Satizábal, AlvaroRodriguez-Valencia

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment

New Publication: Selecting the most relevant variables towards clustering bus priority corridors

Miriam Rocha, Cristina Albuquerque Moreira Silva, Reinaldo Germano Santos Junior, Michel Anzanello, Gabrielli Harumi Yamashita & Luis Antonio Lindau

Public Transport

New Publication: MetroScan: A Quick Scan Appraisal Capability to Identify Value Adding Sustainable Transport Initiatives

David A. Hensher, Chinh Quoc Ho, Wen Liu, Edward Wei, Richard Ellison, Kyle Schroeckenthaler, Derek Cutler, Glen Weisbrod

Transport Systems for Sustainability: Policy, Planning and Exploitation


BRT+ Covid Survey
08 / 04 / 2020

BRT+ Covid Survey

What we do

We support the successful deployment of BRT, through the identification and effective communication of the conditions necessary for success at the strategic, tactical and operational decision levels.


BRT Data is a website developed by EMBARQ and our Centre of Excellence, which includes information about bus rapid transit (BRT) systems, buses with a high level of service (BHLS) as well as improved bus corridors.

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