Data challenges: more behavioural and (relatively) less statistical – a think piece.

Author: Hensher, D.A. (2016)

Journal: Invited plenary paper for Transportation Research Procedia, (edited by Marcela Munizaga, Selected proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Travel Survey Methods), 4 June 2015.

Keywords: data challenges; behavioural response; new survey content; behavioural insight; risk; uncertainty; herding; choice experiment complexity and relevance

The study of traveller behaviour has blossomed into a multi-disciplinary array of theories, methods and data paradigms aimed at improving our understanding of drivers of passenger and freight movement. While progress continues unabated, there remains the challenge of extracting more behavioural richness out of the way in which we work to understand the nuances of preference revelation and hence choice making. In this paper we discuss a number of ways of gaining an increased understanding of behavioural response. The paper is a thought piece in line with the role played as a plenary presentation at the Travel Survey Methods Conference.