II Conference on “Best Practices SIBRT in Latin America”

04 / 25 / 2012

The fundamental objectives of the Latin American Association of Integrated Systems and BRT (SIBRT) are to promote the exchange of knowledge, and establish and support best practices in urban transport.

Established in Curitiba, Brazil, in 2010, SIBRT seeks to disseminate models of Integrated Transport Systems and BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) in regions that have a potential for the construction of seven thousand kilometers of exclusive lanes (corridors).

In order to enhance the exchange of experiences, the Association is hosting, for the second consecutive year, the Conference titled “Best Practices SIBRT in Latin America”, which will be held from April 25-26 in the city of León, Mexico.

The Conference will be attended by as many as 29 public agencies responsible for the management of Integrated Transport System and/or BRT from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, and Mexico. Eighteen of these agencies are part of the Association and together offer services to more than 19 million users per day who are travelling over 550 km of exclusive lanes.

The Conference caters to the Public Transportation managers, decision makers and opinion leaders, and provides with an opportunity to share experiences on Public Policies for Sustainable Transportation, Modernization and Financing of Public Transport, Road Safety, Quality of Service and User Satisfaction.

In addition to taking part in the Conference, participants will also have an opportunity to attend a trade fair and meet with the main suppliers of equipment and technology for the public transport sector. In the Business Centre, visitors will have the opportunity to meet and negotiate with the suppliers of the most modern equipment available.

In September 2003, León made history by putting into operation the first public transport system with high capacity buses in Mexico, and became a model for other Mexican cities seeking for sustainable transport solutions. In eight years of operation, the SIT-Optibús has become the backbone of mobility in the city thereby bringing in a sense of national pride for its inhabitants.

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