International Workshop on Urban Transport Sustainability

09 / 02 / 2013

The Center for Sustainable Urban Development (CEDEUS), is organizing a Workshop where we expect to exchange new scientific findings and experiences on how to make the transport system of our cities more sustainable. The Workshop will be a mixture of plenary speeches, roundtables, and small group discussions. We are looking for researchers that would like to share their work at this event.

The themes of the workshop include theories, data, and methods for understanding the challenges around urban transport sustainability in cities around the world. The following general areas are particularly relevant for this event (but are not limited to it):

  • Planning and operation of urban transport systems
  • Urban logistics
  • Financial equilibrium and valuation of externalities
  • Transport, land use and social interaction
  • Transport and public health
  • Environment, energy and climate change
  • Non-motorized modes
  • Social equity
  • Built environment

More information at the official website.