IV SIBRT Conference of Best Practices in Latin America

07 / 06 / 2014

Latin America represents over 60% of the global demand that is serviced by more than 4,000 kilometers of BRT and exclusive corridors that currently exist in nearly 170 cities around the world.

Despite this advance, Latin American cities falsecontinue to suffer the consequences of motorized development, given the dominance of the private vehicle and a poor public transit system. This translates to high rates of accidents, pollution and chronic diseases due to a lack of public spaces for physical activity, and the deterioration of quality of life of the people in terms of time, accessibility, convenience, reliability and cost, as well as the loss of urban competitiveness.

Unfortunately, Latin American cities have not yet established mechanisms for ongoing cooperation on mobility that would allow them to address the situation more effectively, and have common strategies to help their modernization and transformation like the C40 cities and cities of the European Union.

In this context, Lima, Peru will be hosting a unique gathering of key leaders, decision makers, experts and entrepreneurs from Latin America to lay the foundation for this collaborative work so necessary to transform urban mobility, structuring cities for life, health, and modern competitiveness that is centered around the people.

Between August 5th and 8th 2014, the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima will host the events that will synthesis the Latin American and global experience to develop a roadmap for Latin American cities to cooperate actively and continuously to achieve high quality, humane, and sustainable urban mobility for all.

The Latin American Association of Integrated Systems and BRT (SIBRT), which brings together 24 of the most advanced public transit agencies from eight countries in Latin America, supports the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima with all of its technical and organizational capacity to make this convocation a great success.

Main events:

  • Summit of Leading Latin American Cities on Sustainable Mobility
  • IV SIBRT Conference Best Practices in Latin America
  • Exhibition of Innovations in Public Transit and Urban Development

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