Leaders in Urban Transport Planning

11 / 04 / 2012

The World Bank has developed a capacity building program, called the “Leaders in Urban Transport Planning” program. The objective is to help build capacity for holistic and comprehensive planning at leadership levels. The first of this series was conducted in Singapore during January 2012. The program proved very successful and there have been several demands for similar programs elsewhere. A French version of this was conducted in Marseille during May – June 2012 and a Chinese version in Fuzhou also during the same months. An India offering was held in July-August 2012.

A Spanish offering of this program will be held from 4th October to 11th November. The period from 4th October to 3rd November will be devoted to self-study, at the participant’s work place. Thereafter, a 7 day learning event will be held in Buenos Aires from 4th to 11th November.

Organized jointly by the World Bank and the IDIS (Instituto para el Desarrollo Integral Sustenable), this event aims to create awareness of what integrated mobility planning involves, what are its different components and how it needs to be undertaken. It will use a “hands on” learning technique, making extensive use of case studies, group exercises and site visits – all aimed at highlighting linkages between the different components of the urban transport system.

The target group for this program is senior level decision makers at the national, provincial or city level – those who have a responsibility for urban transport at the policy making level, rather than a purely technical level. Staff of international NGOs, consulting firms and from the academic community would also benefit immensely. Bank colleagues working on urban transport will also benefit and are welcome to attend.

There is a fee of $4500 for the program. This fee will cover the cost of the training including the cost of hotel, boarding and local transport. The only additional cost would be on travel to Buenos Aires and back.

More information:
Program brochure
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