New Benchmark Report that Compares Six Latin American Public Transport Systems (in Spanish)

04 / 10 / 2013

Photo: Porto Alegre. Luciano Lanes, PMPA
During February, our Centre of Excellence launched a new study that compares the public transport systems of six latinamerica cities: Guadalajara, Mexico City, Lima, Porto Alegre and Bogotá. This is a very unique report, because it compares indicators that were measured with the same method in all the cities.
The results show faster trips in Santiago and Bogotá, than in Guadalajara, Mexico City, Lima and Porto Alegre. However, Santiago has an opportunity to reduce walks and wating times, which are more similar to small cities, such as Porto Alegre and Guadalajara.
The study compares different indicators such as distance, walking time, waiting time, time in vehicule, speed, number of transfers, etc.
Download the report (in Spanish) that compares the indicators of all the cities.
Download the annex (in Spanish) of the full indicators.