The global BRT industry

01 / 27 / 2011

EMBARQ has finished a broad analysis of the current status of the BRT industry around the world. The survey indicates that there are about 120 cities with BRT or bus corridors, with 97 of the cities launching their bus systems in just the last 10 years. The existing BRT and bus corridors comprise about 280 corridors, 4,300 kilometers, 6,700 stations and 30,000 buses, serving about 28 million passengers per day.
In 2010, 16 cities completed new systems—including 14 in the developing world—and seven cities expanded their current systems. As of January 2011, about 49 new cities are building systems, 16 cities are expanding their corridors, and 31 cities are in the initial planning stages. This impressive growth may be attributed in part to the successes of Curitiba, Brazil; Bogotá, Colombia; México City, Mexico; Istanbul, Turkey; Ahmedabad, India; and Guangzhou, China. These cities show low-cost, rapid implementation and high performance BRTs, with significant positive externalities.
Interesting trends are emerging, such as the implementation of citywide integrated bus systems, improved processes for private participation in operations, increased funding from national governments, and the growth of bus manufacturers and technology providers from Brazil, India, Indonesia and China. Despite this growth, there are some outstanding issues: “BRT” does not have a single definition and image, and it is often regarded as “second best”, compared to rail alternatives. In addition, several systems in the developing world suffer problems resulting from poor planning, implementation and operation because of financial, institutional and regulatory constraints. The BRT industry is also in its infancy and there is a need for greater consolidation and a concerted effort across cities and countries.
Cities with Operational BRT:

Region Cities with corridors Total corridors Total corridor kms.
Africa 2 2 47
Asia 33 85 1315
Europe 26 32 291
Europe/Asia 1 2 43
Latin America and the Caribbean 32 90 1330
Oceania 5 12 324
USA and Canada 20 57 993

Cities with BRT in Planning or Construction:

Region Cities with corridors
Africa 16
Asia 19
Europe 26
Latin America and the Caribbean 32
Oceania 1
USA and Canada 12

Cities with BRT/Bus Corridors

You can access the database of BRT at this website.