Transport Engineering Conference (CIT)

06 / 09 / 2014

After being held for the 10th time, the Transport Engineering Conference (CIT) has consolidated to become the main meeting point for sector specialists in Spain and the framework for those who are trying to stay up-to-date with current information on this discipline.

The Conference, in addition to serving as a gathering point for who are —one way or another— involved in Transport Engineering, also serves as compilation of much knowledge in the field of transport, not only from Spain but at international level. All this knowledge, from the conference papers and presentations, will be recorded in the proceedings —in electronic format.

At present, the Conference is promoted by the Transport Engineering Forum (FIT), non-profit organisation whose aim is to convene and develop the CIT, as well as to ensure its quality and direction. Furthermore, the FIT fosters different activities related to any possible field within the Transport Engineering, both at national and international level.

The goal of this 11th Transport Engineering Conference (CIT 2014), as it has been through the preceding ones, is to foster a forum to exchange experiences, knowledge and latest developments in the field of transport, exploring every mode and area (planning, modelling, management, financing of infrastructures and services, construction and operation of infrastructures, environmental issues, intelligent systems and their implementation on the transport sector, etc.). Therefore, the Conference is directed not only towards researchers but also towards planners and other professionals working in the transport sector in their respective areas of focus.

Moreover, the Organising Committee desires that this Conference would give you sufficient incentive to count on your presence, whether presenting a paper, discussing, exchanging experiences with other professionals or simply getting closer to the most recent reality in Transport Engineering.

Finally, it is appropriate to remember that the 18th Pan-American Conference of Traffic and Transportation Engineering will be held just after the CIT 2014, another very important event, mainly for the Spanish-speaking world. To attend the both of them would allow you to enhance even more both technical and scientific knowledge, as well as to make contact with professionals and institutions from Latin America and the United States.

From here, the Organising Committee would like to invite you to the 11th Transport Engineering Conference, and hopes you enjoy the Conference and your stay in Santander.

More information at the official website.