Transport Research Arena

04 / 23 / 2012

Transport Research Arena 2012 – The top transport research event in Europe, gathering every 2 years the key stakeholders: experts, operators, industry and policy-makers.

It is our pleasure to invite you to the Transport Research Arena Conference -TRA 2012, which will take place in Athens, from 23rd to 26th April 2012.

TRA2012 Conference will contribute to innovation in sustainable mobility for Europe, by bringing together all the stakeholders of the transport system.

TRA 2012 will for the first time, deal extensively with all surface transport modes: road, rail and waterborne and underline interlinks between them.

The main theme of TRA 2012 is Sustainable mobility through innovation. TRA 2012 seeks to reflect the multidisciplinary nature of the transport sector and, for this reason, addresses all stakeholders in both the public and private sectors and all professionals, regardless of their roles(researchers, practitioners, designers, constructors, operators, administrators etc.).

An international trade Exhibition will be in place during the TRA 2012 Conference at the newly opened Megaron Athens International Conference Centre (Megaron AICC).

More information at the official website


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