Webinar: Linear bus holding model for real time traffic network control

09 / 16 / 2014

The Across Latitudes and Cultures BRT Centre of Excellence invites to its monthly webinar series to share timely public transit research and encourage ongoing collaboration. Our October webinar was:

Linear bus holding model for real time traffic network control

Presented by Yasmín A. Ríos Solís, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, México on Friday, October 3rd


See summary, presentation and video below.


One of the most annoying problems in urban bus operations is bus bunching, which happens when two or more buses arrive at a stop nose to tail. Bus bunching reflects an unreliable service that affects transit operations by increasing passenger-waiting times. This work proposes a linear mathematical programming model that establishes bus holding times at certain stops along a transit corridor to avoid bus bunching. Our approach needs real-time input, so we simulate a transit corridor and apply our mathematical model to the data generated. Thus, the inherent variability of a transit system is considered by the simulation, while the optimization model takes into account the key variables and constraints of the bus operation. Our methodology reduces overall passenger-waiting times efficiently given our linear programming model, with the characteristic of applying control intervals just every 5 minutes.



Please email Omar at oibarrar@uc.cl with any questions or future topic suggestions. The series is open to anyone and will address issues relevant to researchers and practitioners. Please share this announcement with your extended network.