Webinar: Transit to the Future – A different perspective on public transit market

10 / 22 / 2014

The Across Latitudes and Cultures BRT Centre of Excellence invites to its monthly webinar series to share timely public transit research and encourage ongoing collaboration. Our November webinar was:

Transit to the Future: A different perspective on public transit market.

Presented by Ahmed El-Geneidy, School of Urban Planning of McGill University, on Friday 7th of November, 11:00 GMT-05:00 (Montreal time zone)


See summary, presentation and video below.


The fast advances in computing and communication technologies are challenging transit agencies to find innovative ways to retain existing customers through increasing satisfaction and loyalty. These challenges are expected to continue and increase in the future. Recent studies have shown a clear shift in the demographics of people who continue to use transit compared to those who stop using it. This presentation will highlight the changes that have taken place over the past 15 years in the transit market using examples from several North American transit agencies. I will discuss the different groups using transit as well as the service characteristics affecting their satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, I will also shed light on how these groups have changed over the past years and how they are expected to change in the future. In response to the challenges several transit agencies are working towards improving the existing systems and adding a variety of new services. Using a Montreal case study, this presentation will show how existing users perceive such changes in route characteristics and performance along a heavily used route. To conclude, I will question and discuss the future of transit, focusing specifically on the importance of understanding the different groups of riders.



Please email Omar at oibarrar@uc.cl with any questions or future topic suggestions. The series is open to anyone and will address issues relevant to researchers and practitioners. Please share this announcement with your extended network.