Workshop – BRT: Experiences and Challenges

09 / 20 / 2013

The Bus Rapid Transit Centre of Excellence is hosting a workshop on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT): Experiences and Challenges. The course will be held at St Anne’s College, University of Oxford, UK on Friday 20 September 2013, after the 13th International Conference on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport (Thredbo 13), and is intended primarily for professionals in the sector, covering authorities, operators, planners and financial sponsors or lenders, as well as researchers working on sustainable transport systems.

The goal of the course is to provide local decision makers, as well as urban and transportation planners a broader understanding of the state of the BRT industry worldwide and the issues that are critical in the successful design and implementation of new BRT projects and systems. The course content will range from contracts and regulatory frameworks to technological aspects and operations and control decisions.

The course will follow seven modules:

  • Theme 1: History and current state of the BRT industry
  • Theme 2: Automated data collection – a new foundation for analysis and management
  • Theme 3: The Customer Experience
  • Theme 4: Near-capacity operations
  • Theme 5: Regulatory and contractual aspects
  • Theme 6: BRT vs. LRT: Moving beyond emotional bias
  • Theme 7: Broader interactions: public transportation and city form

Download a detailed version of the program here.The registration fee for the workshop is AUD $150, which includes all refreshments and lunches. You can register for the workshop at the same time as you complete your registration for the Thredbo 13 Conference. Please register here.